Pieczywo liturgiczne Altar Bread Hostien
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The company "Christiana Dabrowscy Sp. J."
set up and run by family Dabrowscy, specializes in the production of Altar Breads. All our Breads are produced in accordance with Canon Law.
Moreover, Christiana D±browscy company cooperates with many church goods producers, supplying shops, retailers and wholesalers all over the world with high quality church products. Our mission is “bringing excellence to the surface&rdquo.

Many years of expierience,
and family traditions in production of Altar Bread are just some of the strengths of our company. Namely, through the creativity and dynamism of our team we designed and implemented an unique and modern production line for baking the low gluten Altar Breads. Low gluten Altar Breads content below 20 ppm,thus, it may be consumed by people on a gluten-free diet and suffering from celiac disease. The above-mentioned Altar Breads were tested in the Child Health Center in Warsaw, and admitted by the Highest Authorities of the Catholic Church in Poland to the liturgical rite.


Our products

marked characteristic sign of pelican, are known through our agencies in many countries such as Italy, England, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia.

God bless,